“[Bongo] has made it possible for my students to connect virtually in ways that they have not before. In my online Interviewing class, students hold synchronous meeting to both plan and record role plays of all types. This feature has changed the online classroom because I can review their meetings and their homework all in one location.”


Dr. Kathleen Golden

Dept. of Communication Studies, Edinboro University


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“I believe that students need to be able to see and hear one another. They need to be able to see and hear their instructor and they need to be able to interact with the content in personally meaningful ways. Each student brings his or her own unique personal perspective to the content and students really value this opportunity to hear what others think.”


Lynda Randall

Professor, College of Education, California State Fullerton


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“The process we have with [Bongo] allows us to interview significantly more students than most programs would ever think of. We can reach out to a lot more applicants with timely, cost-effective interviews that facilitate our admission decisions.”


Michael Walker, PT, DSc

Dean & Associate Professor, South College School of Physical Therapy


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“As communication professors, one of our goals is to really understand audience analysis and this is one of the best ways they can get that, when they’re getting feedback from a lot of different people, of different personality types, different professional backgrounds, and helping them get a sense for how people will react to their messages and their delivery style.”


Peter Cardon

Associate Professor of Clinical Management Communication, USC


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“The [Bongo] platform has allowed me to assess how students understand and approach medical ethics issues in a modality that closely mirrors how they will actually encounter these issues in practice. Students not only learn from and help their classmates using the peer review functions, but they build professional skills of giving and receiving feedback in the process. In the changing landscape of medical education, [Bongo] is a fantastic pedagogical tool that I know is helping my students grow in a number of ways.”


Jason Wasserman

Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences


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“I think I have fallen in love with your program. It was such an improvement in having oral presentations! My presentations were MUCH better than previous methods and I felt like being able to give the feedback was great.”


Dr. Susan Evans Jennings

Professor, Nelson Rusche College of Business

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