Josh Kamrath

Josh studied Economics at Colorado State University. After graduation he worked for a middleware company then transitioned to Bongo in 2012. During his off time he enjoys traveling, spending time with family and water sports. Josh is excited to be helping make such a big impact in education and isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves to ensure that Bongo makes a difference in as many students lives as possible.

Dan Kamrath

Originally from Wisconsin, Dan has a finance degree from Arizona State and an MBA from Minnesota. As an entrepreneur, investor and manager, he saw the potential in Bongo early and committed with funding and development, only later coming on as CFO. As much as he enjoys growing businesses, he also can be seen doing “anything outdoors”, especially boating, wakeboarding and waterskiing.

Bruce Fischer

Bruce has led software development organizations of varied sizes for the last 30+ years. He joined Bongo to build a world class development organization to radically improve the online learning experience. In his off time, Bruce loves to spend time with his four grand children watching Disney movies and attending princess tea parties.

Jay Dokter

As a life-long entrepreneur and leader of several successful start-ups and fast-growing companies, Jay’s role at Bongo is a perfect fit. He has a BA and an MBA from Regis University, and significant experience working in the e-Learning environment. Jay has enjoyed establishing Bongo as a market leader in experiential exercises but can also be found spending time with his family in the great Colorado outdoors.

Kim Knab

Kim has been with Bongo for over 3 years providing training and support for educators looking for creative and innovative ways to connect with their students. A graduate of Colorado State University, Kim enjoys hanging out with Mickey Mouse, camping out for front row seats at concerts, and binge watching worthy television shows with her family.

Margaret Amisano

Margaret spent several years marketing in the EdTech industry before joining Bongo. A lover of technology and writer at heart, Margaret is thrilled to help the marketing team tell Bongo’s story and share how it helps learners succeed every day. When she’s not typing away, you can usually find her dancing to live music or outside soaking up the sun.

Richard Robinson

Richard is almost a Colorado native who graduated from CSU with a Computer Science degree. He and his wife have three children who all keep him humble and enjoying life. Richard is happy to bring his almost 20 years of quality assurance, devops, automation skills and experience to Bongo. He loves creating innovative quality software solutions, and building great teams while having fun doing things that make a difference.

Christie Dillon

After spending her early career in the textbook publishing arena, Christie was excited to apply her skills to Bongo marketing initiatives. She loves introducing educators to new ways of personalizing the online learning experience and improving oral communication skills. Off webcam, Christie can be found nerf gun battling with her husband and young son, or outside soaking up the gorgeous Colorado sunshine.

Pat Clark

Pat is Bongo’s Office Manager and Accountant. The rest of the team would be lost without her. She moved to Colorado in 1984 and has excelled at bookkeeping since high school. In Pat’s spare time she loves to read, follow Colorado Rockies baseball and take short trips to see her three children spread around the United States.

Tom Boehmer

Tom Graduated from San Diego State University in 2016 with a major in Criminal Justice. Understanding how important communication and soft skills were in his discipline made transitioning into sales for Bongo natural and easy. When Tom is away from work you can find him at the beach, training Jiu Jitsu, or out with friends in his hometown of San Diego.

Conor Hockett

Conor spent several years writing about technology, sports, and consumer products before joining Bongo. As a former journalist, he loves writing about innovative technologies and how they can impact students. A graduate of Ball State University, Conor enjoys playing basketball, golf, and any other sport that keeps him active.

Cooper Scott

Cooper joined Bongo full time after completing his degree in Computer Science from Colorado State University. He enjoys working with a new, innovative product for educators and students. In his free time, Cooper likes to play a variety of instruments and go on long bike rides.

Shilpa Havaldar

After completing her Engineering degree from Bangalore University, India, Shilpa joined a startup in Bangalore as a software engineer. Her career then took her to organizations such as Digital and Honeywell Technology. She moved to beautiful Fort Collins with her family 10 years ago. When not writing code, she likes to travel, learn martial arts with her kids or cozy up to watch Harry Potter/Star wars episodes at home.

Schuyler Batdorf

Schuyler is an Army Veteran who honorably served his country for six years and faced three combat deployments before his discharge in 2007. Schuyler has a passion for technology, critical thinking and problem solving so he sees Bongo as the vessel to carry traditional education fully into the digital realm. Off the clock he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, testing new technologies, and mountain biking.

Jesse Zuniga

Jesse joined Bongo as an intern after finishing his second year as a Computer Science major and Mathematics minor at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. He is having fun diving into automated testing and loves learning from the awesome people at Bongo. In his free time, Jesse enjoys playing and listening to music, playing video games, spending time outside in the mountains or in a hammock, and going on adventures with friends and family.

Brian Normington

Brian joined Bongo after years in the IT and software development world. “I love being part of a world class high growth company that is passionate about delivering the most innovative and best in class solutions to our customers.” When Brian is not behind a keyboard, he can be found working on his home with his beautiful wife and two lovely daughters.

Pierce Douglas

Having grown up in Colorado, Pierce was happy to find a fun and innovative working community in Loveland. He enjoys learning, working with technology, and designing and improving processes and environments. Pierce fills his spare time with running, snowboarding, dabbling in foreign languages, and continuously getting to know his friends and family.

Carissa Lutz

During the 4 years she has worked for Bongo, Carissa has enjoyed watching the company grow and develop into this amazing tool for students to use to better their education. When Carissa isn’t working, she loves spending time with her two children, along with finding new and fun activities to do in Colorado with her family.

Julie Zinn

Having held many leadership roles in training and high tech companies, Julie is thrilled to be implementing Bongo corporate training solutions so employees can learn better and companies can achieve exceptional results. As she says, “Bongo is the real deal — transformational technology that accelerates and maximizes employee performance!” When not at work, Julie loves yoga and outdoor playtime with her family and two pooches.

Ryan Wessel

Being a part-time Bongo employee and a full-time double major at Colorado State, Ryan really enjoys being a part of Bongo. Ryan loves helping to drive education through the variety of different new learning and teaching techniques that Bongo has to offer, and he loves being apart of such a great family.

Julie Pinto

Before joining Bongo, Julie worked as both a filmmaker and a project manager in the nonprofit world. As a believer in empowering individuals through education, she is excited to create media that engages students and educators alike. Away from the office, Julie is typically experimenting in the kitchen or exploring the outdoors with her camera.

Sam Chan

Sam earned his undergraduate degree from San Diego State University in Economics and his Master’s in Education from Arizona State University. Sam is excited to be a part of Bongo, where he can build relationships with clients and demonstrate how Bongo will help change the way education has been for a long time.  In his off time, he is usually with his wife and two kids or sneaking out for a round of golf.

Karyn Kagiyama

How do you change the world? One interaction at a time. For Karyn, Bongo makes this possible through authentic and impactful communication, interpersonal interactions and collaboration. She is passionate about building and scaling high-performing teams, companies, and cultures. A senior leader with international experiences and roles across organizations in small start-ups to Fortune 50 companies, Karyn loves solving complex problems. In her free time you can find her learning Tango, hiking, spending time with her family, and practicing yoga.

Ted Malzahn

Ted brings over 19 years of enterprise software support and quality assurance experience to his role as a DevOps engineer at Bongo. Prior to working with software Ted was an officer in the Air Force, performed QA and independent safety assessment for facility operations and maintenance, and was a professional Ski instructor. When not busy at work Ted can be found skiing with his wife and 3 children in Colorado’s beautiful mountains.

Brian Kelly

Brian graduated from Colorado State University in 2015 with a degree in Computer Science. He works on several different sections of the product, but his main focus has been on the database and organizing the data for all students. In Brian’s free time, he loves to work on home improvement projects and fix cars.

Justin Cobb

Justin is a Software Engineer at Bongo where he is bringing our simplistic user experience to life. Behind the scenes he is an engineering wizard where he molds conceptual ideas into an engaging and exciting learning experience. Justin has been rocking the engineering world for the last 20 years and enjoys the creativity and complexity that goes into architecting end user applications. When he isn’t in front of a computer screen you can find him adventuring in the Colorado mountains.

Brian Scholz

Brian has enjoyed building software systems, large and small, for nearly 20 years. He joined Bongo to help architect and build a flexible, performant, and resilient system capable of supporting learners with zero downtime. When he’s not thinking about artificial intelligence, software architecture, or serverless computing, Brian can usually be found tending to the family hobby farm with his wife and son.

James Cao

Elisa Johnson

Scott Swensen

Lindsay Wuest

Lindsay earned her bachelor’s degree at San Francisco State University. Prior to joining Bongo, Lindsay worked at a hospitality public relations firm and a digital marketing agency specializing in the nonprofit sector. When she is not reading about the latest trends in online marketing, Lindsay is typically riding her bike along the coastline, grabbing happy hour with friends, working out, or relaxing at the beach.

Melissa Hickey

Melissa earned her bachelor’s degree at Davidson College and her juris doctorate at the University of San Diego School of Law. Prior to joining Bongo, Melissa practiced intellectual property law at a boutique firm in San Diego, and is excited to bring her passion for innovation and learning to Bongo. On the weekends, you can find her at a concert, enjoying the San Diego sunshine on a hike, or competing at trivia.

Kelly Hedquist

Kelly brings many years of enterprise system and software support experience to his role as Support Engineer at Bongo. He enjoys contributing to ensure both the company and customers are successful in their endeavors. When not busy at work, Kelly can be found cycling and motorcycling in Colorado’s beautiful mountains, and enjoying time with friends.

Mike Miller

Mike comes to Bongo with a wealth of knowledge in back-end infrastructure and automation. He plans to strengthen the Bongo infrastructure to enable the company to scale support millions of learners worldwide. Mike sees the technology Bongo delivers as advancing the stagnant learning process. It is essential to have in the global playfield we live and work in. In his free-time, Mike enjoys playing video games, tinkering with robots, and writing software and video games.

Emily McLellan

Emily McLellan has spent her entire career in Education.  She has had roles in product development, marketing, and sales. Emily is excited to join the Bongo team as an account executive because she can directly help instructors transform today’s learners into tomorrow’s leaders. As a lifelong New Yorker, Emily can be found wandering around NYC with her family – eating good food, seeing great music, and enjoying the best people watching.

Corey Bezyak

Corey has spent nearly 20 years leading all types of software development teams. He joined Bongo to be part of a passionate team committed to improving how people can use technology to learn and grow. Outside of work, Corey enjoys mountain biking, skiing, working out, and most of all, just spending time with his wife and daughter.

Zach Hittle

Zach is a Colorado native and graduated with a Bachelors of Science from Colorado State University in 2009. He then started working as a Software Engineer and found a great interest in learning/building new things and solving hard problems. Zach is excited to bring his experience and keen eye for user interfaces to the Bongo team. Outside of work, he grew up in the bowling community and has rolled several perfect games during competition!

Cullen Eason

As a Colorado native with a love for programming video games, it was a no brainer for Cullen to get a bachelors in computer science from Colorado State University. Since then he has become quite passionate about building reliable software, tackling big problems, and making snappy interfaces. After hours he enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and the great outdoors, at least when he isn’t building skynet.

Adam Watson

Adam earned his Bachelors in Computer Science from Colorado State University in 2018. He is fascinated by process automation, infrastructure management, and developing highly scalable software. At Bongo he is eager to hone these skills while working on software that drastically changes the way students learn. In his free time he enjoys being outside, spending time with his family, and building systems to automate everyday tasks.

Isuru Gamage

Izzy is a Colorado native and grew up in Fort Collins. He graduated from CSU in May 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in economics and a minor in business administration. Izzy is excited to begin his career at an innovative company in his home state. In his free time, he loves playing sports, working out, and anything outside. Izzy is a die hard Broncos fan who bleeds blue and orange.

Victoria Mondy

Victoria is a student at Colorado State University studying Mechanical Engineering and is working part-time for Bongo. Victoria enjoys rock climbing, hiking in the Rocky Mountains, and reading a good book. She is very glad to be a part of the Bongo support team, assisting in providing users the best experience with all of Bongo’s platforms.

David Ashley

David has been working in the Software Engineering field for 20+ years. In that time, his roles have ranged from full stack engineer to Architect, with an emphasis on Relational DBs and Integrations. David joined Bongo with goal of helping to transform it’s architecture to better meet the needs of current and future customers. In his free time, I like to spend some quiet time with the dog, doing some cooking, and reading a book.

Malia Hagen

Malia has spent time all over the continental US for school and work. She has finally settled back down in Colorado to raise her kids near her family. She’s excited to be a part of the Bongo team, which gives her a bit of a break from #momlife and a chance to be involved in education–one of her many passions. Malia also loves reading a good book, curled up by the fire, with a cup of sweet coffee. Always coffee.

Ben Michaud

Ben is a software engineer who works with a team to build, maintain and scale complex software. He has found that the quality of the software he works on is critical to the people who use it.  Thus he is focused on rigor in code and best practices. His interests range from carpentry projects to the creation of items from medieval armor and high end gaming PCs. Ben recently completed a bachelor’s in computer science from Colorado State University.

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