Streamlining Admissions With Asynchronous Video Interviews


South College School of Physical Therapy


“It’s easy to look at GPA, easy to look at a GRE, easy to emphasize grades in science courses in undergraduate studies… but a huge element of being a successful clinician is the ability to communicate and the ability to think in response to a question that a patient is asking you right now.”


Michael Jones, PT, DPT
Assistant Professor & Director of Admissions
South College School of Physical Therapy


“For us, [Bongo] is just an invaluable tool for bringing in the right people. It’s all about finding the right students for our program—those likely to succeed in our accelerated hybrid curriculum and blend well with our professional culture.”


Michael Walker, PT, DSc
Dean & Associate Professor
South College School of Physical Therapy

Learn how Bongo helped an admissions department interview 70 percent more applicants, decrease the time between interview completion and admittance decision, and minimized the faculty workload involving candidate selection.