Diversifying Assessment Through Structured Video Workflows


California State University, Fullerton


“I’ve found that my students, with [Bongo], tend to do much more in-depth work. They focus more on learning before they do the assessment. In other words, they’re forced to dig deeper because they don’t want to turn on their camera and begin talking about something they know nothing about. They might be willing to do that during a text discussion, but they’re embarrassed to have their peers see them on video trying to talk about something they don’t really understand. So they work really hard to understand it, and by verbally articulating it, they come to understand it by essentially teaching it to someone else.”


Lynda Randall
Professor, CSU Fullerton’s College of Education

Learn how Bongo helped learners produce better quality work, gave instructors better insight into students’ comprehension, and increased their engagement with the content, their classmates, and the instructor.